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Digital Governance Meetings is a new one-to-one premium, invite-only event.

It will bring together the ecosystem of business leaders for 3 days in the idyllic setting of Cannes.

General Managers, CFOs, CDOs, CIOs and CISOs will come to source suppliers that respond precisely to their investment projects and meet their counterparts.


We offer an immersive and personalized experience based on your unique needs!




Each participant chooses the exhibitors that interest them online 3 weeks before the event.

He will thus obtain an agenda to be made at specific times, on the stands of the exhibitors concerned. (The duration of appointments is 20 minutes).

Lunches take place either at the table of an exhibitor with 5 other Decision Makers, or in the VIP CLUB, in the form of a lunch cocktail (dedicated only to participants).




We offer to take in chargey our visit.



Departing from Paris / IDF and Lyon, a train is specially chartered for the event.

Departing from the provinces, we take care of tickets up to €250 including tax, round trip.


Accommodation: 3 nights in one of the hotels near the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

Meals: breakfasts in the hotels, lunches in the lounge and dinners/cocktail parties on the first and last evening.


If you cannot accept such an invitation for compliance reasons, we may invoice you for the services.



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